You work in an office and have recently been experiencing a health problem. You think that the problem started because of the working conditions in the office. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter: •describe the health problem •explain why you think it was caused by conditions in the office •suggest what the manager should do to improve the working conditions in the office

Dear Jonathan, I am writing in
Fix the agreement mistake
show examples
to the health issue
that is
caused by the office environment. For the past few days, I have been feeling a light fever and infection in my stomach. It all started when I first used the office mug from the
Monday. As soon as I reached home that day, I started feeling nauseous and vomited twice. The fact is I have seen flies and mosquitoes in the office
many times,
the garbage bin is not emptied some days even if it smells bad.
, the
lacks the supplies like dishwashing soap , scrub and all. So, people leave the used utensil in the sink. The solution to
problem is adding supplies to the
and making it mandatory for whoever uses the
to clean afterwards so that other people can use it. Adding to that, scheduling weekly garbage change policy must be followed by a cleaner and spraying some antibacterial medicine to disinfect the area. I hope you will take the proposed actions to maintain hygiene. Yours Faithfully, Manpreet Kaur
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