The growth of onlline shopping will one day lead to all shops in towns and cities closing. Do you agree or disagree?

Consumers tend to shop on the Internet nowadays which affects retail outlets. A major concern is that various stores in our communities will have to shut down as fewer customers may visit their businesses.
, I disagree that retail will disappear in the future because people still want to see, touch, taste, and smell products first before buying Buyers typically want to ensure that what they are buying is actually what they are receiving.
is especially true when people purchase expensive items or want to obtain something that they are not familiar with.
For example
, when a couple is planning to buy a couch, they want to get a general feel for the size, material, quality, colour and most importantly experience how comfortable the couch is before placing an order.
As a result
, it makes the most sense to go to a furniture store or showroom to make sure the couch meets their expectations. Visiting a store has the huge benefit of providing the ability to experience the goods before buying.
, visiting a storefront can be more convenient and safer than waiting for an online order. Speaking with knowledgeable salespeople
helps educate potential buyers about the various offerings. An example where product knowledge and experience are very important is in a pharmacy. Individuals sometimes have urgent health issues, pain or injuries that require pills or other medications and need to be addressed immediately. Pharmacies provide medicine
as well as
instructional information to patients on using specific drugs properly. Virtual shops typically can not deliver orders to buyers' places right away, so being able to purchase drugs in convenience stores, supermarkets and pharmacies is convenient and beneficial for patients. In conclusion, shopping in-store, and not online, has a strong advantage in providing the ability to view, touch and try out potential purchases and to ensure consumers are using the items correctly under the guidance of a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced employee. At
time, shopping online is unable to offer the same level of functionality, ease of access, and confidence compared to retail, based on customer needs.
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