Some people believe that teenagers should concentrate on all school subject. But others believe that teenagers should focus on the subject that they are good at or they find the most interest. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

All foundation school subjects should be focused on by the youths
believe students should concentrate on the topic they are specialised in and attracted to.
, these issues have been argued extensively. In
, essay I will argue whether I believe which has the most potential for the youth. Nowadays, we all are living in the modern era where every culture and tradition slightly changed
refers to the illustrations of evolution in our society. The statement said that student should get their attention on all education topics personally speaking, I don't think it is significant for teenagers. As I am a younger generation, I truly understand why many parents want their children to learn all fields.,
we should abolish
notion as our world has developed.
, we should let them study all of the core subjects just for the foundation knowledge and if they find it interesting you can let them research more.
According to
many younger generations, they are more interested in studying what topic they are concerned about which is more efficient than examining all topics.
, if they are strongly attracted to any subject they could do it effectively and that might provide them with an opportunity to shine their potential in the future. Apart from that, as I have experienced , it is more delightful for me to spend my time studying what I am genuinely concerned about.
That is
the reason why many youths tend to concentrate more on what they are fascinated by. To summarize all of my perspectives, I think that we all should let teenagers study all school majors foundation and spend more time researching what they are truly interested in. Our society will be a better place for everyone ,especially for those youths who will grow up in
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