More and more young people from wealthy countries are spending a short time doing unpaid work such as teaching or building houses for communities in poorer countries. Why young people choose to do so? Who will benefit more: young people or the communities? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

Nowadays, many countries need help from other ones. It is great manners for young
to volunteer to help poor countries. In fact , they exert huge efforts there. I'm gladly speaking about how aware young
in these days. As human beings , we can show sympathy and empathy in many ways, but the best way is to express them by actions.
For example
, volunteering to teach students in poor nations that don't have enough facilities and teachers to do so has a great impact on those
. It tells them that you are not alone in
world and we are here to help you learn and survive.
, building houses for poor
improves their health status and gives them feelings of safety and comfort.
will be reflected in their productivity toward their nations.
who are involved in charity work are wonderful creatures. They spend their time and money in order to see the others happy and safe.
In addition
, they strive to make every place in the world a good environment for living and growing. It is obvious that poorer communities gain a lot from volunteering
in many different aspects. They participate in increasing the education levels, and aid in providing more health services and equipment. All these things are free and don't cost the government anything. On the other side volunteering
get their benefits from doing
For instance
, they feel more satisfied about themselves when they give their time and effort to see someone smile and gratitude. I agree that poor communities are the biggest winners from charity work,
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the pleasure received from doing
services is priceless.
To conclude
, in today's ,life young
from rich countries are well-educated and more aware.
, they know well how to spend their time supporting the poorer ones, and it is beneficial in both ways.
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