Some school children buy healthy food from the school cafeteria. However, some buy unhealthy food. What are the reasons for both these situations? Should schools be allowed to sell unhealthy food?

obtain healthy
in cafes within the schools, others prefer adverse snacks and drinks. People, and especially
, get easily addicted to sugar and flavourings and
, without strict control, feed themselves with trash
, authorities are in charge not only of the quality of education in institutions but
of maintaining a safe and healthy environment. Lack of parental control is the main reason for negligence of
, sometimes
Correct article usage
the illiteracy
show examples
of adults, who are allowed to consume all types of
without regard to nutrients in the meal, is the origin of the problem.
For example
, having snacks and soda for breakfast at home will urge the pupil to obtain a similar set for dinner as it is a routine for him.
In other words
taught by parents to care about nutrition will most likely follow the regulations rather than those without an appropriate education. In tackling
problem society has to investigate the root cause as it was done with similar situations.
For instance
, the trade of any smoking and alcohol products is prohibited within the strict distance in many countries over the World. The same healthy practices should be implemented at schools in regard to
provided there. The strict policies and procedures approved by the health department should be integrated and continuously monitored as the necessary factor to overcome possible negative effects on the health of the whole nation.
To conclude
, as
have an opportunity to obtain unhealthy
at educational institutions there is a need for urgent measures. Applying
control measures would push the process towards a situation
that is
beneficial for society on all scales.
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