The diagram below show the stages in the production of bricks.

The diagram below show the stages in the production of bricks.
The diagram below depicts the process of creating a brick. As can be seen, it takes several steps to transform initial elements into an amount of brick as a final production. First of all, some clay should be taken from the ground using heavy trucks that are able to dig deep.
the stones will be put on an iron grid to separate the optimal parts -which will remain on a roller- from undesirables.
, sand and water will be combined to either make a paste and get cut by a wire cutter or to be put into a mould. Both of the aforementioned ways can lead to the creation of bricks. The wet bricks should be in a drying oven for a day or two. The next step involves keeping the product in a furnace and heating it in two stages of modest and extreme temperatures and
cooling it in a chamber for 48 to 72 hours. The final production should be packaged and eventually sent to customers.
To sum up
, the complex procedure of fabricating bricks contains a number of stages.
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