As countries develop, more and more people buy and use their own cars. Do the advantages for individuals outweigh the disadvantages for the environment?

Nowadays, utilizing automobile vehicles has been rampant. It has been argued that its benefits to every humankind surpass its drawbacks for the surrounding.
essay will discuss the above notion. On one hand, there are varied reasons why cars have been used widely now.
, it offers a more convenient and efficient means of transportation compared to buses or trains. Owning a private ride provides a wider place for a family to ride.
, it provides more privacy than riding on public transport where you have to be with other passengers.
In addition
, it can
shorten travel time because you have the freedom to drive at your own speed and timing.
For example
, most people prefer to use a motor when travelling since they can decide for themselves if they want to have a stopover or not.
, vehicles offer a of opportunities to the drivers and its passengers.
On the other hand
, various serious effects have been raised with the increasing numbers of people using trucks.
has made a great impact on our environment. Increasing auto means more traffic which provokes air pollution.
, parking lots were added and expanded so a lot of trees were cut down resulting in droughts and destruction of our natural resources.
To sum up
, I believe that the advantages of using automobiles for individual purposes outweigh its disadvantages for our environment. Given it does not only promote safer and more convenient ways of transportation, it
helps our economy where taxes of these private station wagons were used.
, the way our transportation is improving, and protecting our environment should not be denied and
proper vehicle emission testing should be a firm law to all so as not to contribute more to climate change.
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