People are behind fashion.What are the factors influencing fashion?Is it good to be fashionable?Discuss both the Pros and Cons.What your take?

Nowadays, people loves to wear various kind of attires. Some folks are in favour of
others are opposed to it.
, I believe wearing a fashionable clothes have both positive and negative impacts on society and the following paragraphs will expatiate both stances with lucid examples. To commence with, the first and foremost benefit of being fashionable is gaining self-confidence by their physical outlook.
means, a perosn is more focusable on her work, dreams etc.
According to
an American study, a person who focus on his physical apperance
focus on career more as they dont have any self-doubt.
trend not only helpful for people to wear trendy clothes but
playing a role in raising the economy of the country. To illustrate: there are a number of branded attires compaines who sells their product national
as well as
as nike, adiddas etc.
, they make the huge money and paying taxes to the democracy which boost the financial status of the nation.
On the other hand
, the first significant reason of denying
scenario is the waste of money by general public as they spend half of their amount on these classy wardrobe. To exemplify: population buy a products from the top brand like huge bogo, nike, addidas
of buying cheap clothes which ultimately is the wastage of their time, effort and savings. Nextly,
is one of the main issue that nowadays, young generation immitates the famous celebrities and focus on them than their persoanl goals in life. Even, sometimes they force their parents for extra pocket money to buy
expensive shoes or other items.
To conclude
, there is no doubt that it has some cons on the society beside that it has more positive outcomes like improving outerlook
as well as
gaining confidence.
, It improves the budget of the nations by giving hand financially.
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