What is your preference when looking for a new device: friend's recommendations or magazines, newspapers or articles? Give reasons and examples to support your opinion.

Nowadays with the advent of the Internet has become easier to find information about any electronic accessory we would like to buy.
reading an article is a good way to choose a new device, there is nothing like a buddy recommendation. In
essay, I will show why I prefer to gather friend's recommendations before reading any material about an electronic device.
, your friend can give you a try of his accessory for a time and you can conclude if it fits your needs.
For example
, when I was looking for a new cellphone, I asked my friend for advice about their phones and promptly they let me try their devices. So, by doing
I could have an idea of what type of cellphone I will begin to search for.
I believe that reading any vehicle of information about an electronic you are wishing for is important, having recommendations is a good thing when we are searching for a place to buy the furniture. Normally, we do not have
type of info if not with colleagues.To illustrate, a few years ago I bought a computer,
before that, I read many materials on the Internet trying to find out a good place to buy it, but none of them presented me with an accessible price for the PC I wanted.
As a consequence
, my mom talked with her colleague and he gave me tips on where I might find the computer I wanted to buy.
To sum up
, finding the best place to buy, the best price to buy, the best electronic accessory for you to buy and other stuff become easier when the opinion comes from friends.
, it is an ace's up one sleeve. Personally, I always ask my friends before surfing the Internet, it helps me to build boundaries inside a world of options.
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