In many societies, there is a growing emphasis on sustainable living and reducing environmental impact. What are the challenges of adopting a sustainable lifestyle? What practical actions can individual make to contribute to sustainability?

Nowadays, sustainable life and environmental impact reduction are getting more and more recognition in many communities.
, one may face some issues with acquiring
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essay will examine these problems and provide some possible solutions. The first challenge is that sustainable development may require more expensive materials and equipment than non-eco-friendly options.
For example
, to go green, it is usually recommended to buy specific eco-devices, reducing electricity consumption. Even purchasing some basic food with eco-friendly marks may require some spending. That happens because of costly raw materials all of these things are made of. The price
depends on the production process which is really complicated for the overwhelming majority of sustainable things.
, one with
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a poor
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income can still try to adopt
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by consuming less water and electricity and reusing some plastic
of throwing it away. Another obstacle is the lack of green infrastructure in some regions.
For instance
, living in an area without access to renewable energy sources like solar panels or wind power, can make going green more challenging. Even basic recycling, which is the easiest way to acquire the
, may be not as developed in some societies. Fortunately, currently, the eco-infrastructure is expanding rapidly, giving people more and more opportunities to live sustainably.
, even without some preferable ready solutions in the town, an individual is still capable of reducing their influence on the environment with the usage of public transport
of cars or,
for example
, eating less meat.
To conclude
, adopting a sustainable
can be difficult,
, there are always some cheap and available ways to help out the environment.
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The essay could benefit from transitioning words or phrases such as 'however', 'in addition', 'on the other hand', etc. This language aids the reader in following the argument by making the work more coherent. This would also avoid the 'list-like' arrangement of some portions of the essay.
coherence cohesion
The main points made in the essay could benefit from further support. For instance, the statement 'The price also depends on the production process which is really complicated for the overwhelming majority of sustainable things' could be expounded upon a bit to give the reader a better understanding of the main idea.
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The essay provides a complete response to the question at hand and gives a wide range of specific examples, which adds to the overall depth of the response. However, there could be an improvement in linking the examples clearly to the thesis statement.
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