Young people today are better qualified than they were in the past. Some people argue that this is because competition for jobs is greater that it used to be. Others say that people only continue their education because the opportunities exist for them to do so. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

To commence, there is a widespread debate about the educational qualifications of young individuals in the contemporary era in comparison to the past. I will analyze
matter by considering both viewpoints and
explain why I am of the opinion that the combination of diverse educational opportunities and a competitive job
has indeed led to the youth being better qualified in today's world. First and foremost, those who support the idea that young
today are better qualified emphasize several compelling arguments. The most significant among them is the undeniable fact that today's youth are more proficient, primarily because of the robust educational system and the abundance of study resources available, a situation that was quite different in the past.
For instance
, modern students are inclined to tailor their education to match the demands of the job
, engaging in various screening processes that foster competition and excellence.
approach offers a multitude of advantages across various domains. Not only does it result in increased effectiveness, but it
enhances the quality of life, productivity, and convenience. Clearly, these merits play a pivotal role in enhancing the prospects of success and excellence.
On the other hand
, another crucial aspect of
argument is that
a system is only conducive to thriving and excelling in various domains. It is through
approach that individuals can broaden their horizons and develop valuable attributes like dedication and perseverance.
, it is evident why many advocate for young
to pursue education aligned with current opportunities and choices. As an example, a global study has indicated that
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has shifted in accordance with
demand and available opportunities, aligning their personal development with employment prospects. In conclusion, considering the arguments presented above, I reiterate my position that the benefits of acquiring knowledge relevant to one's field and the prevailing job
are too substantial to overlook. It is essential for young
in the modern era to continue their education and adapt it to evolving trends to thrive and excel.
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