60.News media are important in modern society. Why are they so important? Are their influences generally positive or negative?

It is argued that
are essential nowadays.
essay will argue that normally the influences of
are positive and these sources are important because they communicate to
about what is happening.
are important because they inform
about things that happen in the world and in their surroundings.
is because all individuals have the right to know about the events that are happening in their country. When the nation is discussing something related to changes in the government, politics and society, live recording will allow citizens to know the real situation, and
cannot be faked.
For example
, normally presidential election votes are read and shown by live videos, so individuals can watch it on the computer or on the television, ensuring truthfulness. Generally, the
is a positive influence because urgent
can be spread through
quickly and easily. If there are events
as wars, earthquakes and tsunamis in a place,
can be communicated to the citizens so they can be aware of the situation before the catastrophe happens.
in other countries can know what has happened in other nations, and they can offer help when necessary.
For instance
, when Covid 19 started, many Eastern Asia countries did not have enough resources to prevent the case and
was published in the
, and many different countries offered sanitation products to these places. In conclusion,
is a positive influence and a very important source because allows individuals to have information about what is happening in the world and help can be asked from these sources.
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