Some people think that instead of preventing climate change, we need to find a way to live with it. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is often argued that it's not wise to prevent climate change and we must think of ways to be compatible with it. I completely disagree with
idea and I believe it's much easier to prevent global warming from getting worse, and
we cannot afford its consequences.
To begin
with, dealing with global warming results is much harder,
it's easier, and more achievable to take some simple yet fundamental steps. Air pollution is one of the main factors in global warming, and to be more specific, carbon dioxide produced
as a result
of fossil fuels, plays a major role in
pollution. Governments can significantly reduce CO2 production by applying extra tax on fossil fuel-based cars and
Wrong verb form
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people to purchase electric vehicles.
, people can be a great help in
situation, by making simple changes in their everyday life.
For instance
, they can commute to work by bicycle
of taking a cab or worse, riding their own car.
, the consequences of prolonged and worsened global temperature rise are expensive, and it's too difficult to tackle. One of the first things that can occur
as a result
of it, is poles Ice melt, resulting in increased sea water level.
can cause lots of cities to sink, and many lives will be lost.
For example
, recent research shows that if the world's temperature keeps rising at the current speed, the city of Bangkok in Thailand will go underwater by 2030. One more reason to argue is mass extinctions that could happen as a complication of global warming. Lots of species are at risk of extinction at
very moment,
as polar bears and penguins living in Antarctica. In conclusion, I strongly believe that it's better to take steps to mitigate the world's temperature rising
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because it's a lot easier to do so and we won't have to deal with its consequences.
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Your introduction and conclusion are clear and provide a good overview of your position.
coherence cohesion
Your main points are well-supported with examples and explanations, but ensure that you connect them more effectively to your overall argument.
lexical resource
Your use of vocabulary is generally appropriate and varied, but be cautious of some repetitive phrases.
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Your sentence structures are mostly varied and accurate, but watch out for some errors in punctuation.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • climate change
  • prevent
  • adaptation
  • mitigation
  • cope with
  • effects
  • shift
  • mindset
  • lifestyle
  • balance
  • invest
  • research
  • technology
  • crucial
  • education
  • awareness
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