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I am doimg a project on the most popular jobs with young people in Zetland. I have foun a table with the results of some opinion polls. Now I am going to analyse the data in the table, express my point of view and draw a
As people's awareness of environmental protection declines, some people think that we need to find a way to live with climate change rather than prevent it. However, I consider that people need to focus on how to prevent
It has been observed that global warming is a harmful phenomena to the Earth. Some individuals believe that rather than stoping climate crisis , all people should find a way to live with it .If questioned, I strongly dis
People have different views on change in climate. They believe that it will have a bad effect on a person's life, but some people argue that we need to accept it rather than try to stop. I am not in favour of this opinio
Some are of the belief that we should adapt to and coexist with the effects rather than focus on preventing climate change. I’m in disagreement with the former, as there are other purposes for preventing climate change.
In this day and age, climatory crisis has been of great concern to humans. With regard to this issue, some individuals hold the view that measures should be taken to acclimatize human species with this phenomenon rather
It is often argued that it's not wise to prevent climate change and we must think of ways to be compatible with it. I completely disagree with this idea and I believe it's much easier to prevent global warming from getti
The environment has now proven to be one of the biggest parts of our lives. Many believe that it is better to adapt to climate change than to inhibit climate change. However, I completely disagree with this opinion. In t
In recent years, whether we should find a solution to climate change has sparked much debate. Some people assert that we should deal with climate change, whereas others argue that we ought to accept it rather than stop i
Some suggest that we adapt to climate change rather than try to prevent it. I take issue with this assertion for two main reasons, which will be explained below.
Recently, climate change has been one of the most controversial polemics in communities. Some believe that we should embrace the change while others believe there must be actions to prevent it. From my perspective, clima
Living along with climate change is an option that people opt. I disagree with this opinion, since humans are not able to adapt to a new environment transitory, and triumph over it could be easier.
In recent times, there has been a contentious debate about whether people should strive to control atmospheric conditions or learn to coexist with them. From my perspective, climate transition is a natural phenomenon tha
Over the last couple of centuries, many advancements in the technological and industrial sectors have exerted a negative impact on the climate of the earth. While a huge number of environmentalists have been calling for
Recently, there has been a contentious polemic about whether people should stave atmospheric conditions off or live with them. From my perspective, climate transition is a natural activity of Terra that should be embrace
People have different views on whether it’s beneficial that the government should only focus on developing a lot of methods to adapt to the world rather than finding a lot of solutions to stop the trend of the deteriorat
Some people are of the opinion that we should accept climate change and search ways in order to live with it instead of trying to prevent happening of this process. Personally, I do not agree with this view and I believe
As climate change has posed a threat to human beings, there is a view argued by some people that it is better to coexist with it rather than take preventive measures. From my perspective, I am not in favour of this opini
In recent years, climate change is becoming a great topic of concern over the world. Some people assert that we should adapt to survive with it rather than finding measures to solve it while others argue that we need to
Climate change has become a worldwide issue in recent years, there are some scientists who suggest that we should do nothing but find a way to live with it. In my opinion, I disagree with this view.
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