You and your family are living in rented accommodation in an English speaking country. You are not satisfied with the condition of some of the furniture. Write a letter to your landlord. In your letter introduce yourself explain what is wrong with the furniture say what action you would like the landlord to take You do NOT need to write any addresses. Begin your letter as follows:

Dear Kathy, I am writing a
Replace the word
show examples
to you about the rupture furniture at your home. I want to introduce myself I am your new tenant in Awan Town and I moved in a month ago.
, I was bewildered at how I told you about your rupture furniture but I thought that you would believe me that it did happen before I moved to
flat. When I was setting my room suddenly I saw the wheels of the couches in the lounge were broken.
, to sit on the sofas it is very uncomfortable for us.
, the dining table chairs were
broken and needed
Change preposition
show examples
replacing. I would like to suggest you to please check it first
Correct word choice
and then
show examples
repair it from the carpenter so you can estimate the amount for repair. If you improve the furniture with a carpenter it will be better if we can invite our family. I am looking forward to hearing from you. Yours Sincerely,
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task response
The letter does not fully address all parts of the prompt, and the writing tone is not entirely suitable. It is important to fully address the issues with the furniture and clearly state the desired action from the landlord. Additionally, the writing tone should be more formal and respectful in a letter to the landlord.
coherence cohesion
The logical structure of the letter is not well-organized. Each paragraph should focus on a single idea and be logically linked to the previous and following paragraphs.
greeting and closing
The greeting and closing are somewhat appropriate but could be improved to be more formal and respectful, as well as to clearly express the purpose of the letter.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • Dear
  • I am writing to express my dissatisfaction
  • regarding
  • the condition
  • furniture
  • belongings
  • for instance
  • damaged
  • broken
  • worn-out
  • appliance
  • household items
  • it is unacceptable
  • inconvenient
  • inhabitable
  • affecting
  • negatively
  • urgent attention
  • replacement
  • repair
  • resolve
  • maintenance
  • prompt response
  • Thank you for your attention
  • Yours sincerely
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