Young people are leaving their homes from rural areas to study or work in cities. What do you think are the reasons? Do the advantages of this development outweigh its disadvantages?

The trend of migrating to work in cities rather than remote areas has considerably accelerated, largely influenced by the youngsters’ pursuit of a better life. As far as societal development is concerned, I hold the view that it brings more upsides. First and foremost, the preference for starting a job career in urban regions stems from the fact that affluent resources there can be exploited, facilitating a high-quality life for young people. Specifically, the complete societal systems
as industry, education, medical care, and public transportation not only enhance their own living conditions but pave the way for their offspring’s promising future.
For instance
, research has demonstrated that children raised in cities tend to possess a more promising future than those in undeveloped counterparts.
In addition
, the ripple effects of
trend extend beyond the individual, promoting an
societal development.
is because the increasing number of young provides cities with an adequate labour force, enabling the progression and flourishing of the manufacturing industry that relies tightly on massive production. A simple example is China, without successful urbanization, it would never have become the second-largest economic entity in the world.
, a voice may raise that large population migration may cause a detrimental impact on rural areas
due to
substantial loss of human capital. Ironically,
the imbalance in development is inevitable in the progress of industrialization, urbanization guarantees the best reallocation of societal resources to elevate productivity, which will
bring evident benefits to undeveloped places in return. In conclusion, the aspiration for a quality life for both them and their following generations stimulates the young to move to a metropolis.
drawbacks for rural places exist in the short term,
trend ought to be seen as advantageous for the whole economy in the long term.
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For we to consider an essay structure a great one, it should be looking like this:

  • Paragraph 1 - Introduction
    • Sentence 1 - Background statement
    • Sentence 2 - Detailed background statement
    • Sentence 3 - Thesis
    • Sentence 4 - Outline sentence
  • Paragraph 2 - First supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 3 - Second supporting paragraph
    • Sentence 1 - Topic sentence
    • Sentence 2 - Example
    • Sentence 3 - Discussion
    • Sentence 4 - Conclusion
  • Paragraph 4 - Conclusion
    • Sentence 1 - Summary
    • Sentence 2 - Restatement of thesis
    • Sentence 3 - Prediction or recommendation

Our recommended essay structure above comprises of fifteen (15) sentences, which will make your essay approximately 250 to 275 words.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Migration
  • Urbanization
  • Educational institutions
  • Job prospects
  • Wages
  • Economic growth
  • Cultural exchange
  • Overpopulation
  • Cost of living
  • Rural depopulation
  • Social isolation
  • Traditional values
  • Personal growth
  • Recreational activities
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