The only reason for people working hard is to earn money. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is sometimes argued that earning money is the only motivation for people to work hard.
I disagree with the idea that
is the only reason, I do believe that salary is an important part of motivating people to be determined. On the one hand, there are several reasons why I would argue against earning a wage as the only factor. First of all, individuals are motivated by diverse factors,
as personal fulfilment, personal interest and social interaction. By
, I mean that many individuals find satisfaction and a strong sense of accomplishment in their profession.
For example
, some who are deeply in love with music, despite the challenges and the demanding nature of the music industry,
person is motivated by their passion.
, some often choose careers based on their interests and passions, the joy derived from engaging in activities one loves can be a strong driver for hard work.
, the workplace provides a social environment to build relationships and connect with others. The social aspect of the workplace can be a significant motivator for some individuals.
On the other hand
, earning a wage is a primary reason for people working hard. The main basis is probably to meet the basic needs of life,
as shelter, food, healthcare and education. It is very essential to survive and maintain a decent standard of living. The second fundamental reason is that some want to build financial security for themselves and their families. Having money would cover emergency expenses and long-term planning, including retirement planning without fear of running out.
, earning a salary is often associated with improving quality of life, allowing some to afford better healthcare, leisure activities, and
well-being. In conclusion, I do believe that money is not the only motivator boosting a person to work hard, it
depends on diverse factors, including personal fulfilment, interests and social interaction.
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