Your friend has been offered a place on a course at the university where you studied. He/She would like your advice about finding a place to live Write an email to your friend. In your email 1)Describe where you lived when you were a student at the university 2)Recommend the best way for him/her to look for accommodation 3)Warn him/her of mistakes students make when choosing accommodation Write at least 150 words You do NOT need to write any address Begin your letter as follows Dear,

Dear John, I am so glad to hear from you after a long time. I felt extremely happy when I got to know that you are going to study at the same institution where I completed my course. I lived off-campus in an apartment throughout my study.
, It was very convenient for me as it was located at a walking distance of just 10 minutes from the university.
In addition
, because of its location in a quiet environment, the
was very tidy, clean and free of any pollution. I found
from an application named Kijijii which is one of the reliable renting house applications and provides apartments at an affordable price for students. I would highly recommend you to search for accommodation through
application and you will find a better
to live. I want you to be aware of some common mistakes students make
choosing a
to live.
, Do not pay the owner without having a look at the
because sometimes they show pictures of other apartments and provide another.
, be aware of the bad company of students and always enquire about the people with whom you are going to stay. Please let me know if you require any
information. Keep in touch. Best regards, ABC
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task response
The content is mostly relevant and responds well to the task. However, make sure to address all parts of the task in detail, especially the recommendation for looking for accommodation and warning against mistakes.
coherence and cohesion
The overall structure is clear and appropriate, and there is a good use of cohesive devices. Ensure a more formal tone in the greeting and closing to match the overall tone of the letter.
lexical resource
There is a broad range of vocabulary used, but aim for more academic and formal vocabulary. Consider using more elaborate and sophisticated lexical resources to convey ideas more precisely.
grammatical range
Some complex structures and a range of sentence types have been used, but pay attention to subject-verb agreement and word choice for accuracy.
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