You recently booked a part-time course at a college. You now need to cancel your booking. Write a letter to the college administrator. In your letter, •say which part-time course you booked •explain why you need to cancel your booking • ask about booking a different course

Dear Sir, I hope you are doing great. My name is Lovejit Singh, and a student in the Project Management course at your college. I am writing
letter to let you know that I booked a part-time course in electronics for the summer session which I want to change because of some reasons.
, I am working part-time at Walmart Grocery store during my studies as I have to manage my own expenses. As you know, I enrolled
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a program which starts in
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the summer
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but my supervisor told me that my working hours should be transferred to full-time after two months because there will be a shortage of workers during peak time. I
need money as I have to support my family in India.
, I request you to cancel my booking for the diploma in Electronics as I am unable to manage my schedule.
, if it is possible, I can take another course during the evening time. Please tell me about Cloud Computing and I want to enrol in the same. I am waiting for your response. Yours faithfully,
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Love it
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task response
Ensure a clear and direct response to the task prompt. Address all key points and maintain a consistent focus on the topic.
coherence cohesion
Improve the logical flow of information and use appropriate transitional devices for better organization of ideas. Also, consider a more formal and appropriate greeting and closing for the letter.
lexical resource
Expand your range of vocabulary and employ more precise and varied expressions to enhance the overall quality of writing.
grammatical range
Work on sentence structure and grammatical accuracy for a more polished and proficient piece of writing.
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