Some people believe that development in technology has brought various environmental problems. Others, however, believe technology is the way to solve these problems. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Nowadays, the influence of technology towards environmental topics often divides opinion. Some people contend that its advancement contributes to eco obstacles,
others believe
invention is paramount to resolving those issues. Personally, I staunchly endorse the idea that it will bring merits to the environment.
essay will elaborate on both views.
To begin
with, society nowadays has been very dependent towards technology and it is undeniable that
a habit contributes to a generous amount of electricity usage. These days, many tools have been enhanced to a maximum level which often comprises a high amount of electricity power.
For instance
, both households and industries, particularly in big cities like Jakarta, cannot function properly without machinery requiring power which sources mostly come from non-renewable materials with unsustainable production practices
as coal.
, the development of advanced appliances indirectly flourishes businesses which exploit natural resources.
On the other hand
, many inventors have been aware of eco obstacles which makes them give a lion's share of the sustainability aspect in developing their products.
positive development often presents in social entrepreneur projects which disrupt traditional, unsustainable business practices to greener procedures.
For example
, a start-up company based in West Java invented an alternative to catching fish using the Internet of Things which radiates signals underwater to attract them so that local fishermen do not have to use fishing facilities which endanger biodiversity.
, developed tools are foremost to reinvent sustainable ways of doing traditionally damaging activities.
, in my opinion, the environmental aspect outcomes of certain tools depend on the person who uses them.
, if a wider society is aware of the significance of natural issues, it is more likely that the presence of
things will be used for the betterment of nature. One clear example is the penetration of enhanced appliances in conducting environmentally friendly practices.
To conclude
, the environmental impact of technology is a hotly debated topic and some people think of it as one of the contributors to concerning issues.
, I argue with
statement because it has been proven to be beneficial to redress eco problems.
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task achievement
While the essay effectively addresses both views and renders an opinion, the arguments could be developed further with more in-depth analysis and clearer explanations to strengthen task achievement.
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The essay demonstrates good coherence with clear progression of ideas. However, some linking words and phrases might be used more effectively to improve cohesion.
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