Many people believe that international tourism is a bad thing for their country. What are the reasons? Solutions to change negative attitudes?

It is undeniable that
on a global scale has been flourishing in many countries.
, many people assert that
takes a heavy toll on their nation.
essay will analyze some of the main reasons and
suggest several viable solutions to
To begin
with, those who oppose international
have several reasons to justify their position. They argue that a large influx of visitors to a destination can create a colossal amount of garbage, leading to environmental degradation and undermining the local ecosystem. A case in point is the Maldives, an island nation
that is
highly dependent on
, the industry has taken a heavy toll on the local environment.
According to
a study, a staggering amount of 860 tonnes of solid waste is discarded in the country on a daily basis, 20 per cent of which comes from
. Another reason is the cultural conflict between
and locals, as some
tend to have disrespectful and insensitive behaviours towards locals’ beliefs, traditional customs and practices.
For instance
, some international
wear revealing clothes when visiting sacred sites like pagodas or temples, which angers local people. As regards solutions, several measures should be taken into consideration to alleviate
, the government should educate its citizens about the benefits of the
sector for the economy and society.
For example
, if individuals recognize that
industry plays a vital role in employment and generates large amounts of income for locals, they will have a more positive view.
, the authorities can impose heavy fines on acts that have detrimental effects on the environment or cultural heritage,
as littering or wearing inappropriate clothes at religious places.
will encourage
to be more responsible and respectful when they travel to a country.
To conclude
, the unfavourable feelings that many people have about international
stem from its adverse effects on the environment and cultural heritage.
, it is essential that governments should implement the aforementioned measures in order to change those views.
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Coherence and Cohesion
Make sure to provide a clear logical structure throughout the essay. While you have established a good overall structure, there can be improvements in connecting ideas and paragraphs more seamlessly. Use a range of cohesive devices and ensure paragraphs flow naturally from one to the next.
Task Achievement
To receive a higher score, make sure that you fully respond to all parts of the question. Your essay addressed the reasons why people might see international tourism negatively, as well as some solutions. However, you could develop your ideas further by discussing how these solutions directly impact the public's attitudes and mentioning potential obstacles to these solutions.
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