Popular events like football world cup and other international sporting occassions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is contended that major events
for instance
football World Cup and similar global sporting occasions are pivotal in reducing tension between nations and catalyzing patriotism safely.
essay will elaborate on the reasons why I staunchly endorse that argument, including commitments to fair play and possible patriotic emotions from those initiatives. First and foremost, international games mostly have clear regulations and always promote fairness. Major sports are carefully designed
according to
the agreed guidance because they comprise many professional stakeholders, from the athletes to the promotors. Football,
for instance
, has comprehensive guidance for every aspect of the game, including the newly established technology for the referees to review whether the ball has passed a certain line to verdict an official goal which can be seen in competitions like UEFA Champions League and FIFA World Cup.
, when events are held between countries, the relationships are built with the spirit of promoting fair play and can be seen as a tool to strengthen their networks.
, a sense of belonging is more likely to be aroused when an individual represents a common identity, particularly on prestigious occasions. The presence of the attributes of their identity in a global scale competition will trigger pride and honour towards it.
For example
, after witnessing an athlete's journey throughout a series of matches in the Olympics, most people would feel proud when their national anthem was played after their representation won the championship, like when the women's double team from Indonesia won the first gold medal in the nation's history for that category.
, the pride of sharing the same identity with a champion,
for instance
, is a common feeling for particular citizens after an international occasion.
To conclude
, there can be no doubt that popular events are effective in building international relationships and growing national pride. I strongly agree with
view because sport mostly promotes fair play values, meanwhile feeling represented in a major event will usually release patriotic emotions.
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task achievement
Although the essay provides a clear response to the task, some ideas may benefit from deeper analysis to enhance the level of detail. Aim to delve further into the reasons behind international events' role in easing tensions and eliciting patriotism, perhaps by citing more specific examples or expert opinions. This will enhance the response by providing a richer context for the assertions made.
coherence cohesion
The essay shows a good level of coherence and cohesion. Paragraphs are well-structured, and ideas are logically sequenced. However, to improve, try using a wider range of linking devices and topic sentences that clearly signal the main idea of each paragraph. This will make the argument even more persuasive and easier for the reader to follow.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • foster global unity
  • diplomatic tools
  • friendly competition
  • national pride
  • peaceful context
  • media coverage
  • international image
  • stimulate economic growth
  • exacerbate tensions
  • nationalist sentiments
  • politicization of sports
  • doping
  • corruption
  • exploitation
  • public discontent
  • infrastructure development
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