Some people think that secondary or high school student should be taught how to use money management, as it is an important life skill. Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

Some people opine that youngsters should be treated to spending capital wisely because it is a crucial skill in life. I strongly agree with
statement because when offspring are exposed to financial management, they know how to spend their cash in an effective way and avoid unnecessary spending.
To begin
with, training youth in finance management will allow them to cultivate the habit of accumulation in the future.
, children who are exposed to early nest eggs have the tendency to be smart spenders.
, minors who have developed the hack of savings will know how to handle rainy days.
For example
, Bimbo a Nigerian who lives in Canada, at the age of 32, was faced with a financial problem on December 12th, 2003 and because of the cash she had saved, she was able to use it to solve the problem .
As a result
, hoard can help people in life and the offspring to expose it at an early stage would love the benefit.
In addition
to the above, juveniles who are lectured on cash management would have financial discipline.
, they will be able to determine if buying a certain thing is necessary or not.
, exposing a child to early accumulation can make it lose interest in buying unnecessary things.
For instance
, a case in point is Mr Tunde, a Lecturer at the University of Ibadan who lives in Ibadan. Anytime he goes shopping at the ShopRite supermarket in Ibadan, he always makes sure he has second thoughts about things to be purchased so as not to buy unnecessary things and have some funds to save. As
, children who can manage check inflow, are wise users. In conclusion, it can be said that training a child on how to manage his finances will help him to avoid spending lavishly and
embrace saving for rainy days.
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