All cars that burn fossil fuels should be banned and electric cars should replace them. Do you agree or disagree?

Given the growing prominence of electric
, they should be considered as a substitute for traditional
powered by fossil
. I completely agree with the statement because traditional
produce high quantities of pollution, and the production of fossil
uses natural resources that are not limitless.
produce emissions of air pollutants that affect the ozone layer. There are some chemical by-products
as the carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil
that interact and remain trapped in the ozone layer.
As a result
, the heat of the earth is not released into the spaces,
, it is retained in the earth, generating higher temperatures that affect the natural dynamics of ecosystems.
For instance
, some research has shown that
due to
the increase in temperatures, the ice on the poles is melting more rapidly,
many species are not longing to have a habitat that allows them to continue with their natural cycle.
, many natural resources are spent or affected by the production and transportation of fossil
. During oil transportation, some spills generate contaminated areas of land and water that are almost impossible to recuperate affecting the ecosystem, and even generating other environmental problems
as fires. As an example, the transportation of oil is commonly done near the Caribbean Ocean,
, there have been reported spills into the ocean.
To conclude
, the use of electric
may reduce the negative effects on the environment produced by all the
that burn fossil
, including the high temperatures of climate change, and
the loss of biodiversity and habitats
due to
the processes to obtain those
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • fossil fuels
  • emissions
  • air pollution
  • greenhouse gases
  • climate change
  • sustainable
  • renewable
  • electric vehicles
  • battery technology
  • charging infrastructure
  • range anxiety
  • government support
  • incentives
  • subsidies
  • renewable energy
  • environmental impact
  • energy efficiency
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