the diagram shows the museum and its surrounding in 1990 and 2010

the diagram shows the museum and its surrounding in 1990 and 2010
The map compares areas which were near a museum as it was in the year 1990 with a redesigned plan in 2010.
it is clear that
the main changes for 2010 involved the introduction of a new cafe. There were no plans to change the main road and location of the museum. In 1990, a car park and a garden were separated by a line running to the path. By 2010, as the car park was expanded, the original garden had to be demolished.
, the trees were relocated and moved beside the expanded car park, and no changes were made to the main road. Over the same period, the path was reduced in width in order to enlarge the area which consisted of a store room, entrance, shop and a cottage in the year 1990. To be precise, the
store room
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was extended and there were many free spaces beside it, the shop was developed bigger and the cottage was replaced by the cafe.
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