Some people think that illegal internet download are having a negative effect on the music industry. Others feel that they have little or no impact on artists. Discuss both views and give own opinion.

Since the introduction of the internet, people have always debated whether the illegal usage of
technologies will outweigh the advances it will bring forth. One of the main topics to talk about is the music industry.
It is clear that
no matter what is done unauthorized usage of tracks can not be controlled, yet the question that remains is "Does it have a profound effect on the whole industry?".
, it should be noted that the phenomenon definitely has a negative sum result. Some people stand behind the idea that
actions will hurt the music. The line of thought they have is, that if an artist is making less money
as a result
of an individual not paying to buy the track, they will have less to produce the next one.
is true, especially in the case of newcomers to the business. They are the ones at the highest risk since they cannot make enough capital to go on if similar actions go on.
On the other hand
, it can be said that
the negative consequences are clear, there is little that change they bring.
is the result of two main factors. The major one is
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show examples
the consumer who uses
methods. As a recent internet analysis showed, most of the illegal downloaders are from poorer countries ,who normally cannot afford to pay for songs.
translates to almost no income lost since the person who got the song through illegal means wouldn't have paid for it anyway.
, On another side of the issue, lies the publicity of the artist who would not have made it if these smaller songs didn't go around so much.
For instance
, we can look at the case of WestGhoust, a singer who made sure his songs could not be attained through
measures. His career did not bloom
as well as
it should have, showing the fault in his way.
To conclude
, we have to pay attention to the unequal distribution of capital and its effects on the music industry. In my opinion, it can easily be made clear ,that the little amount of cash lost wouldn't have made a considerable impact on any artist.
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