it is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sport or music, and others are not. however, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sport person or musician. discuss both these views give your own opinion

It is a common concept that, some individuals carry some specific
of music or sports and some do not. It is established by some people that any youngster might be an efficient
or singer. In my personal opinion, being a talented musician or sportsman is sometimes genetic, but someone without those born
could shine in that field if they practice with dedication. To start with, there are so many renowned singers or sportsmen in the world who inherit those
from their parents. They basically achieved
by birth and flourished in those particular fields.
, they are easily provided with the guidelines by their parents and go through a smooth procedure of becoming a successful sportsman or singer.
For example
, the offspring of famous
David Beckham's son follow the path of his father and become a
, it is a widely acceptable concept that creativity and
run in blood and a sportsperson's son can be a sportsman.
, it is an undeniable fact that
Remove the comma
show examples
no talent can be developed without proper nourishment provided from outside. A child who wants to become a musician or
must practice and work hard with dedication regardless of being a child of a sportsperson or not.
For example
, there are a lot of examples available in our surroundings which indicate that
are inherited but hard work and proper guidance can make a successful musician or sportsperson.
, sports or music are creative fields and they require effort from the person who wants to shine.
To conclude
, those who are talented can succeed in any field with their willingness and hard work.
becoming a child of parents from those specific fields would help in some cases, it is not mandatory.
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Ensure that your introduction provides a clear framework for the discussion that will follow. The introduction should clearly state both views and your own opinion, setting the stage for the essay.
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Maintain a clear and logical structure throughout your essay. Each paragraph should have one clear main idea, supported by the subsequent sentences.
Coherence and Cohesion
Your main points need more development through the use of specific examples and detailed explanations. Avoid making general statements without backing them up with concrete evidence or elaboration.
Task Achievement
While providing personal opinion is crucial, equally important is addressing all parts of the task. Make sure you discuss both views thoroughly, along with your own viewpoint, to fully respond to the essay prompt.
Task Achievement
Integrate relevant and specific examples to strengthen your arguments and make your points more persuasive. The use of generic examples, or the absence of examples, weakens the essay's task response and impact.
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