Working abroad can help employees earn a great deal of money and gain more benefits. However, some people think this trend has many negative impacts. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion. Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

There is ongoing debate regarding , working overseas. A group of individuals believe that workers have the opportunity to gain numerous pluses in different ways of life
as large salaries and experience.
, others argue that leaving from homeland can bring countless problems connected with adaptation and loneliness.
, ahead of both the views will be discussed
Examining the former opinion , the primary argument the supporters would put forward is new habitat .
is because working abroad is one of the paths which can lead to breaking daily routines and adding new experiences for improving distinguish personal skills .
For example
, moving from one part of the world to a new side develops independence .
, the foreign environment is the reason for observing different cultures and the ability to work with multicultural partners whose mentality
outlook on life are different . It is obvious that these factors improve the soft skills and employers assess all characteristics .
In addition
, foreign companies often consider workers from exteriors countries and create conditions for the receiving profit . From my personal knowledge , teachers from the U.S. , England , India and Pakistan earn double salaries compared with the native educational masters. The reason is the long distance from the motherland and distinguishing methods of teaching .
On the contrary
, those in favour of the latter opinion have their own arguments .
To begin
with , they claim that adaptation is an essential factor which can be a reason for depression .
due to
, adaptation which is personal characteristics which can fluctuate over different periods of time . Individuals who can't overcome these difficulties often struggle with homesickness .
, it increases fear of failure and risk in the future life .
For instance
, when the introverted person who is content in their daily routines changes the country . It can demolish a career because external society requires talking and new partnerships to climb up the career ladder and take a balanced spiritual condition to avoid depression .
To conclude
and offer my position , there are convincing arguments both for and against employing abroad ,
, I certainly favour the former view because of our successful career and the internal state of our hands.
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coherence cohesion
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coherence cohesion
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coherence cohesion
The main points are supported, but they lack depth and detailed elaboration. For further development, integrate more sophisticated arguments and provide concrete examples that convincingly back up each point made.
task achievement
The response addresses the task and attempts to present both views and an opinion. However, the ideas could be more fully extended and the opinion more clearly stated throughout the essay, not just in the conclusion.
task achievement
Clarify your ideas by expanding on them and explaining how they relate back to the topic. Avoid overly broad statements by focusing on specific effects and consequences of the issue at hand.
task achievement
Include relevant and specific examples that are clearly linked to your arguments. Personal experiences or observed phenomena could strengthen your position and make the essay more persuasive.

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Topic Vocabulary:
  • Professional growth
  • Cultural shock
  • Remittances
  • Global networking
  • Expatriate
  • Brain drain
  • Reverse culture shock
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Exploitation
  • Professional migration
  • Economic benefits
  • Bilateral agreements
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