In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people. why might this be the case? Do you thinkthis is a positive or negative situation?

In some societies, individuals care about having their own residence
of renting one.
essay will analyze the reasons
as well as
my own opinion about
situation. Some people say renting a
does not give the impression of having a
by yourself.
, owning a residence means that you can live in it as far as you want, and it does not depend on other's
Fix the agreement mistake
show examples
, they can decorate their home the way they like,
some owners do not let them have changes in their residence. For these reasons, many people rather use the mortgage and pay the debt
of paying the rent every month for another one's
renting is a good opportunity for accommodation, in my view, buying a
means you don't have to be worried about the rent every month, it is true that you may have a bigger one by renting, but working harder for a
, and buying a smaller place, provides relief of financial concerns for a lifetime. So I believe it is a positive way of thinking.
For example
, in Iran, people sell their cars, work harder and borrow money to buy a state because the price of renting is rising constantly in that country, so if they have their own place, they will not be worried about financial problems in
case. In conclusion, many individuals may put themselves in hard circumstances for a
to buy a
to prevent financial problems in the future.
provides the opportunity to have a place in your own way how you like.
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coherence cohesion
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • symbol of stability
  • financial security
  • mortgage payments
  • long-term investment
  • appreciate over time
  • family legacy
  • personalization
  • community involvement
  • economic growth
  • vested interest
  • tax incentives
  • societal stability
  • housing solution
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