Some people believe that travelling is a valuable experience; others say it is a waste of time and money. ​    Discuss both views and give your own opinion

have varied points of view regarding the concept of travelling.
some of them describe it as a one-in-a-million experience, others find it an overbearing and unreasonable waste of
and money.
essay aims to discuss both ideas and
I will provide my opinion. On the one hand, travelling is considered as a rich opportunity where the individual can gain positive traits. Through visiting new destinations around the world,
can acquire interesting knowledge about various cultures, food and costumes.
For instance
, many
visit Paris for its pastries, Dubai for its luxuries and Korea for its food.
, new experiences and travelling help maintain good mental health. Studies have shown that travellers are the highest
who have very
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low stress
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On the other hand
, many
kind of experience is wasteful. Despite the bright side of travelling, no one can deny its high expenses and
consumption. Planning for a trip costs a fortune and many
can't afford it.
For example
, some individuals would even take debts just to pay for the expenses which is not sensible. Worth mentioning is that the proper duration of any trip is around two weeks which might not be easy to manage especially if someone is restricted by work.
, many
believe it's a waste of
especially if the destination is not as good as expected. 
To conclude
, In my opinion, I believe that both views are valid. Yet, I find moderation to be the perfect approach for it. Travelling is enjoyable but needs money and
, organizing a trip once every two years or three years appears to be the best option where a person can have a break and spend money moderately.
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Make sure your introduction clearly presents the topic and outlines the structure of the essay. It is paramount that the reader knows what to expect.
Ensure the conclusion effectively summarizes the main points of your essay and clearly states your opinion. It should also provide a sense of closure.
Logical Structure
Structure your essay in a logical manner, grouping related ideas together in paragraphs and using cohesive devices to link your ideas and paragraphs coherently.
Supported Main Points
Support your main points with specific examples or evidence. These examples should be clearly linked to the point they are supporting and relevant to the task prompt.
Complete Response
Fully address all parts of the task. Each view and your own opinion should be adequately developed and extended.
Clear & Comprehensive Ideas
Strive to present ideas that are clear and comprehensive. Aim to develop each idea thoroughly but concisely, without being redundant or veering off-topic.
Relevant & Specific Examples
Use examples that are specific and relevant to the topic. Avoid overly general statements and ensure that your examples illustrate your point of view convincingly.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • broadens horizons
  • cultural exposure
  • tolerance
  • self-reliance
  • overcoming challenges
  • language proficiency
  • sustainable tourism
  • environmental footprint
  • cultural homogenization
  • commercialization
  • responsible travel
  • global understanding
  • eco-friendly practices
  • accessible alternatives
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