The most importan aim of science is to should be to improve people's life. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this estatement.

Owing to the rapid growth of research and innovation in science, it is believed that the aim of science is to ameliorate living standards in society. I completely agree that scientific discoveries and technological inventions should be solutions for any problems human beings may be or are currently facing in order to have a much better life.
To begin
with, numerous inventions since the past have directly contributed to humankind and provided an easier life in the modern age. These inventions come in a variety of domains ranging from the health sector to telecommunications. Telephones invented by Alexander Graham Bell,
for instance
, have altered the way pupils communicate as the technology allows them to have two-way immediate conversations despite distance.
, the form and function of telephones have evolved exponentially as mobile phones nowadays are multifunctional with a wide range of activities accommodated, including internet and social media access.
In addition
, fostering and accelerating the betterment of human lives through scientific efforts are actually the responsibility of scientists. They carry an enormous obligation to put their knowledge and expertise into service for the greater good, especially since human beings keep on witnessing challenges
as climate change, potential global or wide-scale infectious diseases, and poverty. One perfect example was the development of COVID-19 vaccines that involved a substantial number of scientists worldwide joining forces. It was proof of their commitment to saving lives and the way to showcase the immense influence of science during a humanitarian crisis.
To sum up
, scientific exploration, in fact, possesses multiple aims.
, the aim of enhancing people’s lives is undoubtedly the central mission as more and more discoveries and innovations ease people in doing their activities
as well as
it is an obligation for the scientific community.
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Maintain a clear position throughout your response, which you have done effectively.
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Organize your ideas and examples logically, linking them properly to the main argument, as you did with the examples of the telephone and COVID-19 vaccines.
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Expand on your examples to further enhance the argument. You could provide more detailed analysis on how exactly these innovations have improved lives.
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Continue using a range of cohesive devices to structure your essay and ensure paragraphs flow smoothly from one to the next.
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Conclude your essay with a strong, clear statement that encapsulates your viewpoint, which your conclusion successfully accomplishes.
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Make sure that the introduction clearly presents the topic and your viewpoint, as you have aptly managed. Remember that clarity in the introduction sets the tone for the rest of the essay.
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