Some people believe that nowadays we have too many choices. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In today’s technological era, a wide range of choices is provided for everyone which have argued is overwhelming. I strongly agree, to some certain extent, and I will discuss my view. The accessibility to information has been increased globally
due to
the progress of technology, leading to high levels of anxiety and stress in people, not
Wrong verb form
show examples
how to use them properly and putting them under pressure to make the right choice.
, it may be disturbing to make the right decisions and is challenging for those who do have not enough experience, in
case, offering expert opinions and recommendations would be helpful.
, often it provokes public awareness and improves knowledge,
for example
, consumers are able to analyse the prices of goods ranging from smartphones and cookers to accommodation and cars on online websites.
results in purchasing the most qualified and economically efficient alternative.
, the variety of tasks to be decided leads to increasing the expectation levels of individuals in terms of entertainment, shopping and job opportunities, meaning that authorities, markets and companies are in a competitive race, and attracting staff or customers is becoming more and more difficult for them. Consider producers of digital gadgets like the iPhone and Samsung, updating their products annually to win the race,
will be confusing for buyers which one to choose, the gadgets they utilize are progressing every day. In conclusion, choices are made every day in minor and major activities,
they may be overwhelming,
Correct word choice
show examples
, in my point of view, personal preferences have an essential role in people's lives in the way
that is
necessary or may be life-changing.
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coherence cohesion
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • overwhelmed
  • decision fatigue
  • paralysis by analysis
  • consumerism
  • globalization
  • personal autonomy
  • market saturation
  • option overload
  • decision-making process
  • psychological well-being
  • buyer's remorse
  • customization
  • trade-offs
  • minimalism
  • information superhighway
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