Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion!

Advertising has become an unavoidable part of our life. It has proved its significant position in some
's choice but at the same time, few others think that adverts are simply unnecessary as it has become so common. Personally, I agree with the first option because adverts have proven to have a strong influence on
's buying decisions. Some
believe that over-commercialization can lead to many problems and one of the most significant ones is the public started to lose interest.
For instance
, when we are scrolling through our social media applications
as Instagram, they are going to give us many adverts as business owners pay to put their
on the app. Research conducted by Instagram itself about user's perception towards publicities shows that 80% of them feel that the majority of
provided are not genuine and do not show the real quality of the product. It almost feels like the seller's sole purpose is only to reap more profits.
tend to skip it as it only wastes their time. On the other side, a lot of
have said that commercials hold a crucial position in their lives. Before purchasing something, they are always basing their choice of product on
, mainly on endorsement which is a type of soft-selling
that are done by celebrities. Consumers perceived those types of
as honest and a more thorough review so they can confidently give their full trust.
For example
, a well-known influencer on Instagram, namely Tasya Farasya has influenced a huge proportion of consumers to buy certain products. She
helps many local businesses by promoting the business via her social media and it indirectly sparks economic growth.
To conclude
, advertising has served a special position in today's society.
, customers should be more careful to see which one is genuine to be able to experience the positive impact of commercials.
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coherence cohesion
Ensure a clear distinction between your introductory and concluding statements, and reiterate the primary points of discussion in the conclusion to strengthen your argument.
coherence cohesion
Develop your main points further by building on each argument with more detailed explanations, analyses, and a wider range of vocabulary for greater impact.
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For full task achievement, ensure that both views are explored comprehensively with a balanced discussion before presenting your own opinion. Your opinion needs to be clear and well-supported with arguments and examples throughout the essay, not just in the conclusion.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • persuade
  • promote
  • attract
  • influence
  • impact
  • consumerism
  • commercialism
  • market
  • product
  • brand
  • endorsement
  • manipulative
  • saturated
  • overwhelmed
  • repetitive
  • distracting
  • irrelevant
  • exaggerated
  • misleading
  • desensitized
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