Modern technology in now very common in most workplaces. How do you thik this has changed the way we work? Do you think there are disadvantages to relying to much on technology?

In modern society, advanced technologies are widespread in the workplace. In my opinion, the usage of high-tech devices brought a lot of positive changes to the working process, but at the same time, technology’s progress is the cause of new drawbacks.   In some industries,
due to
innovation, the production process has turned upside down because now the whole working cycle can be executed by pushing a single button on a computer panel.
As a result
, people can do their jobs faster and easier with the help of machinery.
In other words
, it can be called the Second Industrial Revolution.   One obvious disadvantage is that users rely too much on electronic devices rather than utilizing their creativity and capabilities, especially in memorizing or calculating.
reason, their memory and mindset are not sharp enough to do it on their own.
, in a situation where these users have no access to their gadgets, they can feel helpless.
For example
, nowadays, a majority of smartphone users hardly recall the telephone numbers and dates of birth of their friends and relatives since cell phones are always ready to help, and
, people do not need to keep them in their memory.  
, the development of modern technology affects the health of humans, specifically those employees whose jobs are connected to computers. Unwillingly, they lead a sedentary lifestyle, spending about eight hours sitting at the desk.
lack of physical activity during
a long period can be the reason for some diseases,
as obesity and the immobility of joints.
, the long hours in front of the computer monitor can be subversive for the eyesight because of the constant flickering of the screen.   In conclusion, technological progress brings many benefits to humanity, making our work and household chores simpler;
, it has some minuses too. It’s essential to keep a healthy balance in the usage of technologies and not rely on them too much.
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