Influence of human beings on the world ecosystem is leading to the extinction of species and loss of biodiversity. What are the primary causes of loss of bio diversity? What solution can you suggest?

The intrusion of humans into the natural ecosystem causes some species to go extinct and disturbs the diversity of organisms.
phenomenon is mainly caused by deforestation and overusing of pesticides. To address
issue, governments should prevent
illegal logging of forests and provide a standard operational procedure for using chemical products. The violation of cutting down protected forests poses harm to wild animals. Irresponsible people harvest trees to fulfil the demand of the market,
, they conduct illegal measures to meet
demand. The environment where the wild species live is destructed,
they are on the brink of extinction.
For example
, Rafflesia Arnoldy is a native flower from Indonesia, commonly found in the tropical forests in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Nowadays, their existence is in danger
due to
the forest clearing.
In addition
, agricultural activities use chemical substances to prevent pests from eating the crops. The excessive use of these will cause some species to drastically decline and disturb the natural food chain.
, there will be a loss in the number of organisms. To tackle
problem, the authority should impose and strictly uphold the law to prevent
forest clearing.
predicament happens because there are many people involved in
, they are corrupt and willing to bribe to get the permit to cut down the protected green area.
For instance
, in Sumatra, a vast forest area is cut down to make space for a plantation, which causes wild animals to enter the residential areas owing to losing their home.
, the governments
play an important role in regulating the safe dose of using pesticides.
is to ensure that
activity will not pose a detrimental effect on nature. In conclusion, the loss of biodiversity and extinction are attributed to illegal deforestation and excessive use of chemical products in agriculture.
problem can be addressed by the authority's involvement in upholding the law to protect nature and imposing guidance in using pesticides.
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