scientists and news media are pesenting ever more evidence of climate. Government can not expect to solve this problem. It is the responsibility of individuals to change their lifestyle to prevent further damage. give your opinion

modern era, climate changes are increasing day by day , and many researchers and media
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are alarm
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hazard. It is not only the
is citizens'
essay will discuss both sides and my point of view is both parties should protect nature.
To begin
with, there are numerous steps that the
should mainly establish laws against those who disobey to protect the environment especially those who dispose of waste products improperly. Many companies dispose of misused solids and liquids into natural sources authorities should punish them with huge fines for their actions .
In addition
, the
have a
to conduct awareness programs and take an evaluation and implementation from every individual.
For example
, a waste collection bin system was introduced so the public could separate their wasted item appreciative way
collectors refuse their misuse for
recycling process. On the other side, an individual's initial responsibility protect their atmosphere from adjustment to life by using public transportation. Increasing the number of cars on the road leads to traffic congestion and contributes to excessive air pollution
, despite that if individuals limit private vehicles will decrease the emissions of polluted air.
, citizens should grow more and more plants without destroying forests.These green surrounding facilities' fresh air helps to maintain the ozone layer and decrease the increasing heat.
, an individual must modify their lifestyle to protect the season. In conclusion, I believe that it is not only the
the individuals's responsibility to protect the environment
climate change is unstoppable.
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Topic Vocabulary:
  • accountability
  • conserving energy
  • carbon footprint
  • sustainable lifestyles
  • governmental interventions
  • environmental movements
  • renewable energy
  • corporate sustainability
  • economic incentives
  • consumer choices
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