Some people argue that all experimentation on animals is bad and should be outlawed. However, others believe that important scientific discoveries can be made from animal experiments. Can experimentation on animals be justified? Are there any alternatives?

Amidst the enhancement of research in the scientific world, some people believe that animal testing should be banned,
others do not.
essay believes that harming
in the process of scientific studies should not be justified since it will lead to animal cruelty. Rather than using
essay suggests that researchers should construct human-like
for their experiments. Scientists should not involve
in their experiments,
action should be illegal because it will have a brutal effect on the
’ well-being.
that are used during the experiment processes will receive hundreds of chemical substances,
, it will jeopardize their metabolism systems and might
cause death.
For example
, thousands of rats and rabbits are used for product testing in the pharmaceutical industry,
, lots of them turned out to be defects.
, as
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technology advancement is reaching its peak, creating
that contain almost all cells in the actual human body sounds like a doable alternative.
is because the primary idea of animal testing is to conduct a test on some living creatures that have high similarity with the anatomy of
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the human
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body, and
, when another alternative is present, it should not be a problem.
For instance
, The Body Shop company is no longer conducting animal cruelty,
, they use some customized
because they entirely support sustainable living. In conclusion, animal testing in scientific research should be strictly prohibited because it is equal to animal cruelty since these mammals will consume a lot of chemical substances that are not supposed to be taken. As the rising era of technology has sparked, scientists should create eco-friendlier
when conducting their studies,
as human-like cell
to replace
as their testing media.
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Task Achievement
To improve task achievement, ensure that all parts of the prompt are fully addressed. It's important to provide a more balanced view by also discussing why some might justify animal experimentation and then elaborating on the alternatives in more depth. The inclusion of a specific counterargument would enhance the response's completeness.
Coherence & Cohesion
To enhance coherence and cohesion, work on the logical flow between paragraphs by improving transitional phrases. Phrases like 'Furthermore' and 'For instance' are good, but you can also include more variety such as 'Additionally', 'Moreover', or 'Contrastingly' when introducing opposing views or additional points.
Coherence & Cohesion
In terms of coherence and cohesion, you might want to focus on integrating your main points more closely with the examples you provide. For example, after mentioning the use of animals in pharmaceutical testing, you could directly link it to the impact this has, beyond just stating it causes defects, like discussing broader ethical implications or specific scientific shortcomings.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • scientific breakthroughs
  • ethical concerns
  • alternatives
  • animal testing
  • moral implications
  • ethical considerations
  • vivisection
  • research methods
  • ethical dilemmas
  • animal welfare
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