Some people believe that drug addicts should be treated like criminals and sent to jail, while others believe that they should be treated like patients and sent to hospital. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is argued that Narcotic
must be treated as perpetrators and immediately sent to prison
, others believe that they are medically ill and need to be treated in the hospital.
putting offenders behind bars seems to be a quick and convenient method for the state to punish
abusers. In my perspective providing physical
, emotional
and mental therapy is the most viable solution.
To begin
with, On the one hand, confinement can be seen as the most appropriate solution for the authorities to deter crimes and criminals. By locking up
state government can radically reduce the likelihood of getting new citizens involved in the addiction, and teach people a lesson or the price of wrongdoing.
For instance
, in the United States of America, the government have a strict law regarding
abuse and if someone gets caught red-handed with even a small piece of cocaine are likely to be locked up for more than years.
On the other hand
, helping
cease their habit under medical supervision is thought to decrease the number of
in the long term. By continuously providing physical
, emotional support and psychological therapy can address the root cause of it and over time with compassion, support and needed procedural treatment multitudinous pharmaceutical
can be free from inhaling and taking it.
For example
, the government of every state in Nepal provides rehabilitation centres
along with
treatment which has eventually helped hundreds of
refrain from addiction.
must be seen as diseased patients rather than criminals and adequate treatment should be provided to them.
To conclude
, after all the aforementioned reasons,
, imprisonment sentences for
abusers can alleviate the number of crimes and criminals,
, I firmly believe that holistic
should be given to
to eventually be set free from life-taking addiction.
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