Some people think that governments should ban dangerous sports, while others think people should have freedom to do any sports or activity. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

The question of whether adventure sports should be banned for
reasons sparks considerable debate.
some advocate for
prohibition, others champion individual liberty in recreational choices. In
essay, I will examine both perspectives and present my own stance. On one hand, it is undeniable that engaging in adventure sports entails inherent peril, often resulting in severe consequences. Participants pushing their physical limits may suffer adverse effects on their mental and physical well-being, thereby posing additional strains on medical resources.
, tragic accidents resulting in fatalities underscore the gravity of these
For instance
, a devastating incident in the Alps in August 2016 claimed the lives of two climbers and one paraglider, as reported by The Guardian.
, proponents of banning these perilous activities argue that it is imperative to uphold public
On the other hand
, advocates for adventure sports contend that rigorous
measures are typically enforced to mitigate
. Participants undergo specialized training and must strictly adhere to
, the availability of protective gear
minimizes the likelihood of injuries. Contrary to common perception, statistical evidence suggests that certain popular athletic games
as football and running actually incur higher injury rates compared to the others.
For example
according to
a survey by the Daily Mail Online, martial arts boast a significantly lower injury rate at 2.8%.
, proponents of individual freedom assert that participants are fully cognizant of the danger involved and possess the requisite skills and equipment to ensure their
. In conclusion,
extreme games inherently involve
, they are often accompanied by comprehensive
regulations and protective measures. Rather than imposing a blanket ban, authorities should focus on implementing regulations aimed at minimizing
preserving individual freedoms. By striking a balance between security and freedom of choice, governments can promote responsible engagement in dangerous athletic activities.
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task achievement
Ensure that both views are well-represented and distinctly compared. While your essay discusses both views and provides examples, it would be beneficial to further elaborate on how these views conflict and potentially intersect, thus deepening the analysis.
coherence & cohesion
To enhance logical structure, consider signposting your arguments more explicitly. Use phrases such as 'On one hand...', 'On the other hand...', but also consider adding transitions like 'Notwithstanding...' or 'Moreover...' to smoothly guide the reader through your argumentation.
coherence & cohesion
Integrate more varied and specific examples to support your points. You've used good examples, but further diversification and specificity could strengthen your argument. Consider incorporating data, surveys, or findings from reputable sources related to the overall impact of dangerous sports on society.
Topic Vocabulary:
  • severe injuries
  • fatalities
  • base jumping
  • bull running
  • extreme skiing
  • safeguard
  • well-being
  • regulating
  • avoidable harm
  • healthcare costs
  • burdening
  • personal freedom
  • autonomy
  • training
  • equipment
  • mitigated
  • personal satisfaction
  • mental health benefits
  • resilience
  • adventure
  • assess risks
  • public safety
  • unnecessary healthcare costs
  • outright bans
  • balanced approach
  • stringent safety standards
  • mandatory training sessions
  • adequately informed
  • safeguarding
  • public health
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