nowadays genetically modified food products are widespread throughout the world. while proponents of (genetically modified) GM crops ensure that these foods are safe for human consumption and help increase supplies, others argue that their health effects have not been studied long enough. discuss both the advantages and disadvantages

modern world, we have encountered overpopulation. To
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the nutritional demands of
ever-growing society, governments and scientists have to seek a solution. One solution is to employ science to modify
to have more and higher quality
issue has brought a special concern regarding the health and environmental dangers of
kind of agricultural product. I would like to start my argument by writing about the benefits of
type of crop. Those people who are in
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method argue that by genetically modifying the
, food production will increase massively by making
more resistant to pests.
, they believe that by adding vitamins and other minerals the nutritional value of the food will be improved.
For example
, by modifying the gene that can cause allergy in the peanut, the final product will cause less allergic reaction.
, these changes in genes might keep the
fresh for a much longer period so there will be less waste.
On the other hand
, people who are opposed to
concept claim that we do not have enough knowledge regarding the long-term impacts these kind of
have on human health.
In addition
industry has not been able to prove that it is safe for both human beings and the environment.
For instance
, there is some evidence which reveals that these modified
might have devastating effects on other plants and wildlife populations. In conclusion, based on what is discussed above, in my point of view, both arguments are legitimate.
In other words
along with
the obvious benefits, these
can have irreversible destructive impacts.
, more long-term studies should be carried out before the spread use in the future.
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