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Deforestation is one of the major human activities that has posed more danger in our environment and this has been on an increase globally. In this essay, I'm going to discuss two major reasons why it happens and it's benefits.
In recent years, deforestation has become a major debate around the globe. This poses a great danger to the environment as well as the eco system yet still occurring at a great degree. The main reason behind this is the provision of employment especially in undeveloped areas. There has also been recorded merits to this such as provision of furnitures, books as well as cooking utensils. This essay will discuss in length reasons why cutting of trees are occurring and some advantages of these.
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In recent times, deforestation is becoming a major issue for concern. Many trees are cut down for various purposes. I believe this could be for industrial needs such as raw material for production of funiture, roofing materials and paper. In addition, the human population is increasing so more land is required for their habitat.
The graph present the renting and owning property from household in percentage in England and Wales between 1918 and 2011. Overall, The tenents number take the highest portion at just below 80 percent, while there are just above 20 of total accomodations.Yest, the trend turn upside down in 97 years later.
It is an undeniable fact that deforestation is occurring on a large scale in the whole world even though it is perilous. I personally opine that forests are being cut down to provide people with more space to live and the destruction of forests does not cause benefits but it leads to various other major issues.
Deforestation is considered an environmental issue that is occurring worldwide because of the demand for expanding the city area. There have just a few advantages of this action but it gives so many disadvantages over the advantages to nature and to the Earth.
Recently, I learnt a studying method that applies all my vocabs that I had learnt. This post can describe my life and I have just started writing a post so my words may not be suitable for some cases.
Deforestation, evil to nature, has been continuing for a long time around the globe. However,lately it has accelerated at an alarming rate. This essay will focus on the reasons behind these activities and the devastating consequences of the operation.
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