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It is a fact that people should be encouraged to participate in more recycling activities and should reduce the consumption of resources, as this will improve the life of sea animals and also fulfil the demand of the general public. I completely agree with this statement and in this essay, I will explain the reasons for my position.
Recently, there have been many arguments on whether we, people, should consume fewer natural resources or be encouraged to recycle more to maintain the green ecosystem as well as to fulfil the demand of the general public. I partially agree with the above statement and in this essay, I will explain why I do not completely approve that we should be fortified to use less environmental reserves.
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Resources is an important wealth of our world. Lesser use of resources is mandatory to prevent depletion of resources. Some people will argue that, we should recycle the resources rather than using less. I partially agree to the given above notion.
It is a fact that nowadays humanity should decrease the use of natural resources as well as encourage more recycling. I totally agree with that statement, because the problems of depletion of the raw materials and environmental pollution are facing the human race like never before.
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