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In this day and age, the world faces a gap between higher and lower levels of society, as is clearly shown. The rich become richer and the poor get poorer; this phenomenon is because of the low level of interindividualiz
The two diagrams show information about the rate of owners' mobile phones. The first picture illustrates mobile phone , internet and social media use more common in advanced economies. The second graph shows informatio
In the present society being rich or poor tends to be a regular case. This affects all of us worldwide, since studies show the significant amount of problems, that humans have to face with the financial gap. In fact, in
From the beginning of the world the wealthy and needy people have been found division. This division has increasingly rapidly and creating problems. The low income is gotten by a lay man and became lower , however, a hug
The margin between the wealthy and the poor people is daily becoming more obvious and this is because the former continue to accumulate wealth while the reverse is the case for the latter. In this essay, I will pinpoint
Nowadays, it is commonly seen that poverty continues to predominate among the poor, while affluence is fast spreading among the rich, with a big disparity between the two parties. In the long run, it could lead to a high
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