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Whether electronic translation is slower and not clear enough compared with human translation is a reccurently discussed matter. It is indubitable that machines are becoming more common in the recent times. Although, som
There is a line of thinking that considers the machine translation (MT) slower than humans way to do the same function. In addition, they believe that machines cannot substitute the human being ability in the future. In
In the modern era, an increase in the number of Machine translations is a major concern across the countries. With each passing day, human spend a lot of time while dealing with translations that really made their lives
There are always certain pros and cons to each side and this topic is no different than that. Nowadays, the machines are taking over most of the jobs. We are losing our jobs to the machines, as it works more conveniently
There are so many languages used in the world. But due to various reasons like business or travel we need translation of language. Some assert that machine translation can never compete with human translation. I disagree
Recent advancements in cognitive computing have radically improved Machine translation technology (MT). Some people believe, MT can never be, as fast nor accurate as Human translation. I disagree with this point, and in
It is true that there have been great advances in technology over the last forty years. For example / For instance the use of mobile phones and e-mail communication are common these days. However, machines that translate
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