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Parenting is a critical course when comes to their overall progress of children in terms of an education, career and settlement, etc. Due to this phenomenon parents are imposing a lot of pressure in order to achieve the maximum possible success in their life. In my opinion, with this progression of imposing un-necessary things on kid’s only drawbacks comes in plate as results.
Most parents today make their children work immensely hard and put a huge amount of strain on them for achieving a successful career. I believe the growing competition in enrolling their kids to reputed colleges is the primary reason behind this, and this is a negative development because it hampers the overall growth of adolescence.
Today, forerunners force their kids so much to get success in the task. There are many factors in consideration to be considered. I explain each cause one by one and its impact on children also.
In the modern world, parents always want their children to be successful with much force on them. There are some reasons to explain for this trend and this development has both positive and negative.
In this technology world, there is a pressure being built by the family members of the students, that success is the most vital factor to lead a better life. In my opinion this is preposterous and parents should understand the passion of the student instead of running for success.
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