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Owing to rapid advancements in technology, the ways used to communicate has undergone tremendous changes. People now interact with each other through advanced devices even if they are a far distance away. I definitely believe that it is indispensably advantageous since it not only makes people closer regardless of their position but also helps improve scientific discoveries and it aids to save lives as well.
It is true that new technologies have changed how people communicate with one another. The advancements in technology not only bring benefits but also cause some negative impacts to our lives.
Interactions between people today have greatly varied due to the technological advances that are continually happening. These changes, especially in personal relationships, such as the long distance and faster communication, are greatly benefiting the individuals positively.
Human beings are the social creatures and are unable to survive without interacting with each other. But at this day and age, the way of interactions has been changed due to the emergence of technology. Technology has affected the lives of individuals' relationships in both positive and negative aspects.
Undoubtedly, it is true that new technologies had an influence on communication between people. Over the past few decades, technology has affected relationships in various ways. In my opinion, there are both positive and negative effects. In turn, this essay will discuss the role of automation in communications with other people.
The technology has dramatic change the relantionship between people. In the past people in general (young and old) spended much more time outdoor having real social conection.
Technological development of the last several decades has impacted many aspects of human lives, especially the way individuals communicate with one another. Phones and internet positively impacted interactions of people with each other, making them faster and helping to solve issues on the run.
Over the past few years, technology has become part of our lives. Some people believe that the rising of technology affected how people interact. I agree that this development brought up more good than warm.
Nowadays, technology has huge effects on people livings and relationships. While there are some advantages to this trend, I believe that the advantages are far more.
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