Nowadays the way many people interact with each other has changed because of technology. In what ways has technology affected personal relationships? Has this become a positive or negative development?

Owing to rapid advancements in technology, the ways used to communicate has undergone tremendous changes. People now interact with each other through advanced devices even if they are a far distance away. I definitely believe that it is indispensably advantageous since it not only makes people closer regardless of their position but also helps improve scientific discoveries and it aids to save lives as well. Technology advancement has led to the advent of sophisticated communication devices which unless otherwise would not come to existence. relying on the technology, portable devices which use specific waves such as mobile phones, wifi and radio waves such are amazing that it is not weird now to hear that humans are capable of communicating as far as Interstellar distances. Moreover, portal devices are now easily available to the public enabling them to be aware of each other in every situation no matter how far they are, as opposed to the past when people had to go to their destination physically and interact face to face. Also, social media has broadened interactions far beyond just talking, it is now possible to convey even emotions for example through emojis. Developments in communication have influenced human life positively. Firstly, Some people are forced to work far away from their families. Using their mobile phones, they now get news from each other whenever they want and wherever they are. Secondly, scientists are being able to extend their discoveries farther to lands never been known even in other planets. Spacecraft sent to the mars to deliver us some information about its atmosphere is a good example. Finally, communication devices allow saving people lives. Accidents and natural disasters are informed to authorities as soon as possible to put proper measures in action. To conclude, this is an undeniable fact that our lives are dependent on communicating devices. Nowadays these devices noticeably changed the way individuals interact which their benefits are perceived in almost any aspect of our lives.
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