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It has been noted that nowadays, many people usually do not take note of their neighbours. Although there are so many reasons for this, solutions are also available.
In the past, maintaining a good relationship with the neighbours were really important. Previous generations believed that becoming a part of society was a must. However, people nowadays rarely know their neighbours. In this essay, I shall provide some potential causes of this phenomenon and give my opinion regarding the necessary course of actions to solve this issue.
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Mostly people these days are unaware of their neighborhood, owing to the hectic work life and the lack of trust on other people. To tackle this issue, community centers can be constructed in the localities, and special occasions or festivals can be celebrated within the community, to bring people together.
In recent days, it is not an uncommon practice that few people are not aware of those who live next to them.This essay examines the causes and possible solutions for such practices.
Modern life has changed the nature of human relations. Today, it can be commonly seen that people do not know their neighbours. The cause is the introduction of digital communication tools and this problem can be solved by organizing community events in neighbourhoods.
The way people interact each other has changed significantly in recent years. People used to have an intimate relationship with their neighbours in the past, however, it is becoming uncommon to socialise with them. This essay will aim to discuss the causes of the above mentioned issues and provide possible solutions.
In this cutting edge development world ,it has become a Herculean task for mortals to understand their neighbours due to busy and hectic schedules and I personally deem that , it can be easily tackled via the efforts of bureaucracy agencies and citizens
Residents nowadays tend to be unfamiliar to their neighbours, some people do not even know whom they live in the face. This relationship absence, caused by a lack of communication, a decrease in social circles, and individualism's concept popularity. It seems that the problem is not reasonable, but once it will be solved, people could benefit from it.
Nowadays, it is a normal phenomenon of not being familiar with the natives in the same locality due to the fast-paced and technology-driven world. To combat such a scenario, it is in best interest to slow down a little bit, and give machines a rest.
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It is a common trend these days for the people being unaware about who lives next door. Most of the people do not know anyone in their building or community. This essay will first explain that a busy work-life is a primary reason behind this, followed by a probable solution.
It is a common phenomenon of not being aware about the people who lives next to your door.In the era of advancement and modernization the habit of peeing into other's houses has decreased to a certain extent.People are now least interested about their neighbours and is a very big issue in the global scenario.My essay will highlight certain points about the problems people face of not knowing their neighbours.
Nowadays, people live in the fast-paced life and the digital world. Most people are not familiar with their neighbours and become indifferent to each other. This phenomenon has brought some adverse effects to individuals and the entire society. Here, I would like to explore its causes and discussed the possible solution for this issue.
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