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In future, it is expected that science will play a pivotal role in order to decide the age of human beings. Some people find it good because there would be a great possibility to fulfil their dreams if someone is capable to live for many decades whilst others argue that living for very long is quite expensive option. This essay will discuss why being alive for many more years is good but why surviving without means of science is superior.
In the near future, the science and technology advanced in such a way that it suppose to affect human aging. It is argued that this is a positive development, while others disagree and think it will lead to adverse ramifications. This essay will discuss both views and shows agreement towards lateral view.
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Medical science is improving at a higher rate in recent times. Advancement in science and technology expands the lifespan of people up to 100 or 200 years. A few people consider this as a good sign for the future of human beings while some other people argue this would be against to nature. This essay will argue both views.
Advances in science and technology may lengthen the lifespan of a human to 100 or even 200 years. Some sections in the society hold a positive view that it is beneficial to humanity while others argue that it is not. In my own perception, I agree that it is a good thing in the society.
Science is making a headstrong progress at a rapid pace. Owing to this, the average life expectancy of humans will augment further, making people live up to 100 years or more. While this has been advocated as advantageous by some, others opine that this will have detrimental effects. In my opinion, this shift certainly will lead to issues such as overpopulation and depletion of natural resources.
From the seas to the deserts, wild animals face the ongoing threat of extinction. According to some people's perspective, the modern world has no place for them, therefore no efforts should be made to save them. I completely disagree with this approach as protecting wildlife is also beneficial for human beings.
It is believed that scientific advancement will be able to extend the average life of human beings. Despite the fact that this scientific breakthrough may give the chance to mankind to spend much more time with their loved ones, it might endanger the whole world, especially: nature, accommodation, overpopulation and lack of nutrition. I am going to shed some light on the advantages and disadvantages of this trend.
Despite the fact that development in science is beneficial in some cases like to expand lifespan, some people also believe that it has eventually its downsides even if they dream about long-lasting life. As I think extended lifetime of mankind will aggravate world problems. This essay looks at ideas against exceeding lifespan.
Considering the recent development in the field of science, it has made it possible for humans to live up to 200 years. Few people think that this might be a welcoming development, while others refute it. In my purview, I think it is a horrifying idea, which is proposed too early to begin experimenting. Although the phenomenon behind making individuals live more is that with the help of them, the nations can reap the maximum benefits, it can prove itself to be dangerous for the entire mankind.
Owing to the latest researches in the medical industry, which claim to have a potential of extended life expectancy of masses to more than a century, it is often debated among masses whether it would be beneficial or not. In my opinion, despite the better lifespan, there will be numerous problems for humankind to confront in the future.
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