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In the salad days of a millennium, all community have their test-related hobby that is amusing and should be difficult to achieve and learn. I am in consummate accord with writer notion, a reason for my inclination are glanced through in the ensuing paragraphs.
A group of people says that entertainment Works to be joyful when it is difficult to achieve. I disagree with this statement.
A group of people says that entertainment Works to be joyful when it is difficult to achieve. I disagree with this statement. I write up the reason in this essay.
These days, modern people can acquire or learn various kinds of hobbies and activities. In this regard, some people believe that in order to get relaxation, these outside interests should be hard to learn. However, others feel that ordinary people can get enjoyment from the easy to learn activities too. Personally, I tend to think that its depend on the person, and each individual is able to attain any difficult activities.
In this competitive era, everyone can feel the stress. To decrease the stress, people are used to pursuing the hobbies. Some people believe that for the enjoying hobbies, it should be complex. However, I am not siding with this view. In this essay, I intend to delve some reasons behind it.
The hobby is for enjoyment purposes; therefore, I believe acquired hobbies by anyone should be comfortable and unstressful. I'm not convinced that hobby ought to be challenging because people are doing a hobby to relax; therefore, it should be easy, convenient, enjoyable and affordable.
Hobbies are important for all, being a source of relaxation, and help you unwind after a tiring day. Few people think that for a pastime to be fun, it should be difficult to understand and learn. This essay disagrees with the above statement as leisure activities need not always be complicated. On the contrary, the simpler the better as long as they are enjoyable.
One of the heated issues is many people believe that for an activity to be fun it should be difficult to get or study. However, someone may claim that should be easier to learn and get enjoyment in the same time. From my perspective, there are both advantages and disadvantages that for a hobby to have fun should be easy to learn.
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